How to Use Transfrom XML in TIBCO BW

The Transform XML activity allows you to transform an input of XML document to other output format by given XSLT file shared configuration resource.

XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformation), it is a style sheet language for XML. The XSLT is used to transform one form of XML documents to the other form. XSLT is widely used in Websites Content Management to convert XML into HTML pages.

In this tutorial, we will explain transform xml file to another format (HTML) by using XSLT resource.

While Creating a process, first we need source file and xslt file. Below xml file to use source file and xslt file contain Html code which will be transferred to html format (output).

The below image describe complete configuration and mappings for all activites in our TIBCO Designer process.

TrasnfromXML Sample Process

Step 1: Read FIle activity to read xml file data below is our xml file data.

TransformXML Sample FIle

Step 2: In Transform XML activity, in configuration tab we have to configure stylesheet path, which is allready developed xlst file. below is xslt file used in our process.

XSLT Sample Code

Step 3: Write File activity write the output of Trasnfrom XML in specified file, we save a file with extenson of .html

XSLT output

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