How to read excel file in process.
Save the excel file as .csv format and use the same csv format by giving the line separator and column separator.

What is the use of Event candidate key.
Expression used to evaluate whether the incoming message is appropriate for this process. This expression is specified in XPath and only data from the incoming event is available for use in this XPath expression.

What is the purpose of Event time out
When process instance start, The wait activity wait for specified amount of time to complete before transition, if within time transition not complete it through error, to capture this error use On event time out palette.

What is the purpose of process time out
It is normal time to wait for the incoming file change event.

What is use of JMS Message ID
It is a unique ID for each individual message

What is the different types of JMS Message
JMS message supports several payload types, i.e. Text, Byte, Object, Map and Stream message types.

What is the difference between JMS and HTTP
HTTP as message faster compare to JMS and There is message loss in HTTP side because hardware or software problem, on JMS side there is no loss message due to persistent and delivery modes.

What is the role of TRA?
TRA stands for TIBCO Runtime A gent. It Supplies an agent that is running in the background on each machine. The responsible of agent it starting and stopping processes that run on a machine according to the deployment information and monitors the machine, it provide run time environment for TIBCO applications.

What is the purpose of the inspector activity ?
The Inspector activity is used to write the output of any activity or all activities and process variables to a file or stdout. This is particularly useful for debugging purpose while developing application in tibco designer, it can write complete schema information to a local file including process variable and other details.

Explain about the Max Jobs, Flow Limit & Activation Limit ?
Max Jobs specifies the number of process instances that are concurrently stored in memory. Once this limit is reached newly created process instances are paged out to disk.0 specifies unlimited number of process instance loaded in the memory and it is default value.

Flow Limit specifies the maximum number of running process instances that are spawned before the process starter is suspended. This can be used to control the number of process instances running simultaneously and when the protocol generating the event can store the event till it is received.

Activation limit flag specifies that once a process instance is loaded it must be placed in memory till it completes execution. By default it is enabled.

How to control the sequence of execution of process instances created by a process starter?
Use the sequencing key field in the Misc tab of any process starter. Process instances with the same value for this field are executed in the sequence in which they are started.

What is the use of No Action group
'No Action' group used to group certain activities for common error transition

If you want a group to be executed if there is some unhandled error but subject to some max number of iterations which group do you use ?
We can use Repeat on Error until true group for maximum number of iteration in grouping error.

When is a 'Generate Error' activity useful?
When you handle an error in a subprocess or group and want to rethrow the error to the main process(caller).

Which activity is used for detecting duplicate message processing
To detect duplicates, a value must be specified for the duplicate Key field in the Checkpoint activity input schema. When a process come to checkpoint activity with the same value for duplicate key which already exists, it throws a DuplicateException. An error transition can then handle this case.

What is difference between shared variable and job shared variable ?
Shared Variable resource allows you to share data across process instances. All process instances can read and update the data in a shared variable.

Job Shared Variable resource is similar to a Shared Variable, but data cannot be shared across process instances this scope is limited to current job only. It can be used to pass data to and from sub process without creating input and out put schema.

What is custom activity
It is useful when we want to share our process to other but not allow them to write the contents of the process. So we can add this process into our my Pallete section.

Tell me about flow control on destinations
Sometimes the producer may send messages faster than the consumers can receive them. So, the message capacity on the server will be exhausted. So we use flow control.

What is JMS queue requestor?
The JMS Queue Requestor activity is used to send a request to a JMS queue name and receive a response back from the JMS client.

Explain about import and include in schema
Import is used to for schema's that are not of the same namespace, it take reference for specified schema.

Include is used where the schema being included is of the same namespace.The schemaLocation tag defines the location of the schema being imported or included in to the new schema.

where to store Check point activity data
While deploying we can set the value for "Checkpoint Data Repository", we have to options one is Local file and the other is database.

What is the advantages of script deployment
We can able to deploy application if Administrator down,We have to deploy same global parameters to various application,every time we deploy these parameters in Admin, override this work using script deployment to deploy properties file(XML) which having all the variables .

Explain thte TIBCO Administrator provides user, resource and application management modules
User Management. This module allows you to set permissions for users. You define authentication, users and groups, and assign access control lists to users. This includes security for server-based projects at design-time and for deployed applications at runtime.

Resource Management. This module allows you to monitor machines and all running applications in a TIBCO administration domain. Alerts can be created, for example, to notify an administrator if the number of processes or disk usage exceed a certain number.

Application Management. This module allows you to upload Enterprise Archive (EAR) files, and create, configure, and deploy adapters. This console is also used to start and stop adapters.

What is Distributed Queue?
A distributed queue is a group of cooperating transport objects, each in a separate process. To obtain load balancing among servers, the adapter uses distributed queues for one-of-n delivery of messages to a group of servers. Each member of a distributed queue listens for the same subject using the TIBCO Rendezvous Distributed Queue listener objects. Even though many members listen for each inbound message (or task), only one member processes the message.

What is an Alerter An adapter publication service can use periodic polling or an alerter process to monitor changes to a database table.

What are the maximum/minimum of threads available for incoming HTTP
The maximum/minimum of threads available for incoming HTTP is : 75/10

What is the functionality of the Retrieve Resources resource
It can be used to serve the wsdl file of a SOAP Event Source to a client. Now the WSDL file for a SOAP service can be retreived using the http request like
where 'path' is the folder path to the SOAP Event Source process and 'resourceName' is the name of the process Example : http://purch:8877/Purchasing/GetPurchaseOrder?wsdl

What are the benefits of BW process engines for HTTP(S) for runtime initialization?
HTTP(S) may be used in conjunction with firewall security. HTTPS(S) doesnít require additional network bridging software, making it simpler to setup. HTTP(S) allows direct point to point access to the administration server.

A BW application you are developing uses JMS messaging where the messages reside only on local campus. How will you implement conversion level security?
You can define the connection used by the message producers and consumers to use SSL. You also need to provide appropriate certificates.

You are configuring a BW mapping and you have dragged and dropped a complex item on the activity input side of the mapper. What are the two options asked by the popup mapping wizard to complete this?
a. Make a copy of
b. For each make a copy of

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