Is there chance to remove unwanted global variable from tibco business work
Yes you can remove unwanted global variable, use validateproject.exe and create a process to remove unused GVs from BW.

Input of text file contains multiple records of fixed length, if record have less or more character ignore and continue for next records. How to do.
It possible by format type as delimiter separated and line separator as new line.

How to solve transformation failed in XSLT input
When transformation from string to number or data, place a condition whether it exits and string length >0 then only populated.

There are multiple sender send messages to multiple receiver but particular receiver receive message from specified sender, how to get it
By message selector we can receive message from specified sender.

How to decrypt module property password in tibco BW
Use obfuscate jar and develop business process to decrypt module password.

Which command to use stop appspace and appnode in tibco tea
Kill command.

How will I change the Global Variables in the Production Environment, once deployed an ear
Tibco administrator has the privileges to change the global variables in the production environment but these values are going to affect only when restart the engine.

What is the difference between DTDs and XSDs?
DTD(Data type definition): it is old version of specification of xml. It do not validate the data types of xml content and sequence of elements and do not have specific rules as like XSD (xml specification definition).
XSD validates the data types and as well as parent elements, no of child elements ,sequence of elements and repeating elements.

What is the difference between Copy of and For Each in Tibco Business Works?
Copy of: It is an XSLT statement to create a copy of selected node, including child nodes .Both the copied node and destination node must have the same name and structure.

For Each: Performs the specified statements once for each time in the selected node. This is use full if we wish to process each item of a repeating element once.

Which one is having more security RV or JMS?
JMS is more secured because it is server based.

What is spanning option in call process activity?
If this option is checked the parent process cannot access the sub process output. The sub process executed as separate process instance. What is dynamically determining the process to call?

Here we can call a sub process basing on a condition like if else. If some condition is true executes one process else other process. The condition is an X-path expression. Here in this case dynamically determined which sub process to be basing on request condition.

How do you determine if reference as broken in the project
Validate for deployment in project tab in designer to determine reference.

What is the difference of locally defined and globally defined when create elements in schema
When the element is defined locally, the scope is within the parent element. It can't referred outside of the element within the XSD.

When the element is defined globally that can be referenced throughout the schema. This makes the code more modular and easier to maintain. All global elements must have unique names.

What is XSLT?
Extensible Style sheet Language Transformation (XSLT) deals with transformation of one XML document into to other XML documents or XHTML documents.

What is the difference between AE schema and the properties file
AESchema allow you to create Active Enterprise Schema that you'll use for Adapters.

How to improve BW performance by Heap Size
Every Business Works engine runs in a JVM, Java provides Heap Size parameters to tune the memory usage and optimize engine performance, by default Heap Size is 256 MB. Change this value to improve your BW performance. These values determine the amount of memory to be used by the engine.

for-each you fetch every element (or group of element) in list one-by-one. For-each-group first groups lists elements (based on criteria in group-by attribute).

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