Difference Between BW5 and BW6

In earlier version Starter Process and Sub Process would be created using the process activity. But in BW6 the starter process and sub process are created separately.

JDBC Update Activity The JDBC update activity has an upset statement, which means that if the record is not existing for update then it is inserted, this feature wan not in earlier version.

We donít have ONStartup and OnShutdown activities in BW6.

In earlier version we create multiples process for multiple operation, but we can create long running process which means multiple operation or process can be handled within the same process instance.

Data Format In BW5 we would add elements in data format but, in BW6 we can use only reference schemas not elements.

Design time Changes
In BW5 if any mapping or business process has been changed you will have to restart the B.W Engine both design time and run time, suppose we changed mapping and not restarted BW Engine the mapper show older value.
In BW6 we donít need to restart the engine the mapper value will refreshed automatically, Mapping are refreshed into the JVMs memory.

In BW5 Designer it come to four panel Project Panel, Design Panel, Pallet Panel and Configuration Panel In BW6, it comes to all panel of earlier version with File Explore Panel

While creating business process it show two option public and private,
Public: will be accessed by process outside of the package.
Private: will be accessed by process within the package only
Stateless: the BW Engine will not maintains the data in memory
Stateful: BW Engine at run time will maintain the data in memory, even the process is executed.

AppSpace is BW Engine in older version

Process properties: when global variables are used

In BW6 we donít have a separate palettes for queue and topic like queue sender and topic publisher, it is because it follow the latest JMS standards.
Ex: we want to send message by queue, first select JMS Send Message Activity, In General tab select queue or topic from Message Style option.


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