How to Use Conversation in BW6

Conversation, it is new feature in the TIBCO BW 6, the concept of conversations where communication can be established between multiple process instances. A conversation is defined within the scope of a process. Conversations are always initiated by one activity and joined by other activities. The activity that initiates a conversation generates a conversation ID. The activities that join this conversation use the generated conversation ID when exchanging messages.

Every starter process has a conversation tab, two process joined using ‘key/unique id’, in this way two process are connected.

In this tutorial on Conversation you will learn step by step process create a conversation in tibco bw6, in order to go forward, I’m going to create a sample process with two operations, the first operation is Concat operation, it is going to execute a sleep activity and another operation Uppercase is going to finish both request, you can see below image for reference.


First we have to define which activity create the conversation and which activity join in process, below process we first Invoke Activity is used to Initiate with Conversation Key, the value of key is we defined by ‘true’.


Second Invoke Activity is used to join to conversation, both keys have a same value.


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