Guide to Congigure Custom Domain to BlogSpot Hosting

Most of the newbies will start their website/Blog with BlogSpot or Word press, you can share anything you want and also you can earn decent income from Google AdSense while publishing your post, they provide unlimited storage and bandwidth for your website on free of cost.

Most of the peoples choose BlogSpot, because they donít have an initial investment to purchase Web Hosting and Domain

When you start a blog on BlogSpot, usually the domain name comes to like, if you want create multiple blogs, all blog will come same format this is call as a free domain name.

Where custom domain is come to Below as difference of custom domain and free domain.

Free domain:
Custom domain:

Guide to Buy Doman Name

In order to link your domain to your blogspot hosting, you need to take several simple steps, first thing we have a own domain, If You donít have it, you have plenty options to buy a domain from any provider, I prefer BigRock for a domain registration.which will usually cost around $8 for one year, this cost can variation based on your extension like .com, .org, .videos, .info . .

I highly suggested buying .com domain instead of any other extension like .org, .info . . . Once you decided your Domain name you can go to BigRock to purchase if available.

Configure Your Domain Name with Blogspot Hosting

Once purchased custom domain, the first step is login to your and select your dashboard, go to Basic option in Settings you will see Publishing > BlogAddress, click setup a 3rd party URL for your blog.

BlogSpot Hosting

After press this option, it asking your domain name, once you added it, when you press the Save button, you will see error message and you got CNAME records. Below image for you reference.

Configure BlogSpot Hosting

login to your domain control panel and update CNAME records which is got from blogspot. Below image will help for you.

CNAME stands for Canonical Name. CNAME records can be used to alias one name to another.

SetUp CNAME Reocrd to Custom Domain
Sign in to your BigRock (Domain provider) account dashboard, you will see list of your purchased domain, select and click your domain name, below is example image.

Domain Registration

Click on domain name, it will redirect your control panel, on left side corner. It show Manage DNS, click on Manage DNS tab and find the CNAME records. See below screen shot for the reference purpose.

DNS Control Panel

While selecting Add a Record option, it asking details Host Name, Destination IPv4 Address, TTL.
Iím sharing image which will guide you how to add a record.


Once you have done CNAME setup, you have to wait for few minutes to change this settings globally. After that you need to go back your BlogSpot dashboard and press the save button.
If your settings are correct the error will disappear and it will added properly, now Google will take care of the redirection part.

If you have any queries or stuck any where feel free to contact us.

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