Adsense High Paying Countries

Google Adsense is the best PPC ad network in world. It pay to publisher higher than any other PPC ad network. Every publisher dreams to get four digits figure of amount but only few webmasters got success, remain persons stuck on way.

Adsense is a simple Pay Per Click (CPC) Ad network that display ads related to your website content. If any visitor click on ads on your website webmaster advertiser pay the publisher on click (CPC). Even new bloggers as they see low CPC and CPM which results in low earning.

New webmasters usually get lower cost of about 0.02 to 0.1 from single-clicks, others get up to 100$ for a single click.

Cost Per Click is depend on your Keywords and Traffic.

Targeting High CPC Keywords and High Paying Countries in your website is earning more money from Adsense.

Adsense High Paying Countries

S.No Countries
1 Australia
2 United States
3 Norway
4 United Kingdom
5 New Zealand
6 South Africa
7 Canada
8 Netherlands
9 Sweden
10 Switzerland
11 Germany
12 Denmark
13 Belgium
14 Nigeria
15 Singapore
16 Kuwait
17 Ireland
18 Japan
19 Malaysia
20 Hong Kong

Cost Per Click (CPC) is not only depending on keywords, it's also depend on visitor's Geographical location. If you receive lot of traffic from low paying country you have a less chance to boost your income, These is list of Adsense High Paying Country.

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