6 Things to Consider Before Buy a Web Hosting

If you want to launch a new website you need a domain name and webhosting, while purchase a domain name you donít need a technical knowledge and simple way you can buy it.

In the market, lot of web services companies provide different plans for customers, the plan like unlimited web space, unlimited domains, unlimited emails, bandwidthÖ finding the right plan is little tough job if you are not aware of technical knowledge.

Whether your website is Online Store, Company or Blog, you need a reliable host for website. You want to select suitable plan for your website without confusion on their plans you have some technical knowledge, this post will be helpful for people to choose right webhosting plan.

Types of Web Hosting Server

Shared Web Server means plenty of website located on the same server include your website, most of the people start their business with shared hosting and cost of it is very less. If your website receive thousands of visitors per day highly I recommended to purchase a shared server plan.

Dedicated Web Server means companies provide one separate server for you only, you have a full control on server, and the cost of server is higher than other server.

Choose your server location is close to your customer location, suppose your target audience is UK select your server location is UK


Server Uptime Performance

It is one of the major factor in webhosting, uptime means the hosting company up (live) your website in all time, some of business owners faced bad situation on uptime and they lose hundreds of customer or sales opportunities in seconds only, so that they consider uptime is equal to money.
Most of companies provide 99.9% uptime, only few companies provide 99.99% more uptime score below 99% is not a reliable for website, letís see difference of 99.9% and 99.99%.

Per Year 365 days
99.9% means your total down time is 9.6 hrs. in year
99.99% means your total down time is 0.96 hrs. In year

Add on (Add Domains and Sub Domains)

Add on Features depend on what are your website goals, this feature allow to create multiple websites on same hosting plan. If you want to run multiple domain then this is suitable plan and it save money on donít have to pay multiple hosting for multiple websites.

SSL certificate & SiteLock

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate provide security to your website and it provide secure communication between server and customer browser. It provide security on customer confidential information like Bank/Credit card details while purchasing on website.

SiteLock is protecting your website database and scan to find any malware, viruses and Hackers in your website, it is not only detect any issues on your site it will automatically fix this problem.

SSL-Site Lock

Linux/Windows webhost Operating System

Every companies provide two types operating systems i.e. Linux and Windows hosting, before selecting WebHosting Operating System lets we know Differences, Advantages and disadvantages of them.

Linux webhosting is open source it support any open source frame work like PHP, Word press, Joomla, MySQL, . . If your website is based on this you can choose it. The main reason to choose Linux is cost and secure, the cost of it is cheaper than windows and very less virus. If you are an average person it is best for you.

Windows webhosting using by some large companies, if you want to use ASP, .Net, MS Sql or any other Microsoft Technologies then you can choose windows hosting for your website.

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