Few Things to Consider Before Buy a Domain Name

Choosing right domain name for your business is the first step of successful in internet. Plenty of companies provide free domain name for customers. So whenever you are planning to purchase domain name you have to consider few things before buy a domain name.

Check Blacklisted by Google

When it comes to your mind, I am planning to buy new domain but why should I check is domain blocked by Google or not. I agree, you are purchasing new domain but it was using someone and they break Google terms and conditions so Google Search Engine has been blocked this domain.

So Before purchase a domain name, do check out that the domain name is banned by Google or not. Because it will drive more traffic to your website.

Copyright and Trade Mark

If you are choosing a domain name, it is similar to another trademark company then you have to face some legal issues by Trademark Company, if it is big brand company you will get big penalty by company. These are some important things do check that domain name doesnít have any trademark or copyright.

Make sure to check trademark at the United State for your domain name doesnít have any trademark.

Check your Domain name is available on Social Media

Now a dayís everyone know how social media spread worldwide, it is a big market for all business. When it comes to promoting your business on online, social media is the play big role to drive traffic to your website.

Select Right Domain Extension

Selecting right domain name is not only important, choosing right domain extension also important for your business it is depending on your business. In worldwide .com domain extension is highly demand and most of the people choose it.

If you have a many visitors from uk you can go for co.uk extension.