List of Free Domain Name and Web Hosting Provider

No matter how big or small,Your website want to go live on internet, you need both domain name and web hosting. They are plenty of companyís provide separate charges on buying, but few companies offer a free name with some conditions so you can save money on domain buying hosting. Before get a free domain name and Web Hosting, let's understand the concept of what is domain name & Web Hosting.

A domain is unique name where users can access your website through internet, domain names are available in different extensions, worldwide the total number of domain extension is 1687(2018 year) but popular extension is Top Level Domains like .com, .org, .net, most people are choose a .com extension, it is highly demand in internet

The domain name for this website is

When we decided start a new website, we donít have idea about where to register domain name, what is pre requirement we need to launch website, and what issues will come while set up a new website.

Many companies provide one year free domain name for customers, as they get profit from you indirectly by web hosting, they provide free domain name along with webhosting, and you have to pay normal charges for hosting.

When choosing domain name you should consider below things in your mind.

  • Try to purchase top level domain if not available then go for other extension.
  • Prefer your extension is your targeting geo location ex: your target country is USA, purchase .us extension.
  • If possible make it short name, because others is easy to remember a name.

  • Below Top List of Free Domain Provide Companies

    This company provide free domain with few extension only, for other extension you have to pay some amount.

    Free Domain Provider Dot tk

    Blue Host

    BlueHost is one of the best webhosting and domain provider on the internet, if you register hosting with bluehost you will get free domain along with SSL and easy to install word press.

    Get Free Domain BlueHost


    Hostinger is popular Company in India and it offer free domain name while purchase a one year webhosting.


    Top Level Domain .com is the most demand in internet and more business companies choose this extension, unfortunately not possible to get free domain name with this extension but Just Host provide free .com domains along with Hosting, it offer 70% discount on Hosting plan.

    JustHost Domain & Web Hosting

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