Block Low CPC Ad Network in Adsense

Most of the newbies publish their website with good content to make money from Adsense. No doubts, it is one of the best convenient ways to make money from online.

To be a successful Blogger you need a lot of traffic from rich countries, but it depends on your blog content and you have to publish high quality articles on weekly. Every day you getting lot of traffic also, but problem is your cost per click is $0.01. You don’t know reason why CPC cost is very low, on the way you would provide more effort on website to increase revenue from adsense.

Only your Hard work is not enough to get high CPC ads. There are many factors that should be implement with your website to increase revenue from Ads. Try to implement below simple methods to increase your revenue from ads.

High Paying CPC Keyword’s.
Good traffic from High Paying Countries.
Block low paying Ad network

Let you start a website with above key points and wait for few weeks, see the results, You will get good income form AdSense even low traffic, even though the competition may be high.

For your reference we have provided complete guide on High Paying Keywords and High Paying Countries in our Blog.

Why should we block Low CPC Ad Network

Before blocking Ads, let you know reason why we should block Low CPC Ad Network. Your visitors came from High Paying Countries but your CPC is very low. Because Google use several ad networks to display ads on your webpage. Sometimes these advertise provide irrelevant ads on your page, if you get these ads automatically your adsense revenue will plummet.

It is the reason you should block Low CPC Ad Network in order to improve your earning. Use this techniques to increase revenue within 2 or 3 weeks.

How to Find Your Low Paying Ad Network

You can find which advertiser provide low cpc on your ads. Keywordspy, it is a tool find out your cost per click on ads

First open your adsense account, on left side “Allow & block ads” -> Ad networks, here it display your ad networks

Adsense Ad Networks

Select individual URL and past in keywordspy search and enter search tab. Results shows how much pay your advertiser on click, the CPC is below $ 0.20 then block that advertiser for more revenue

Find Low ADS in Keywordspy

If you know the low paying ad networks or ads you can block them through “Allow & Block ads” option in Google AdSense. It would provide help to in growing your Google AdSense earnings.

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